Is social media the new black?

Incorporating social media influencers as a promotional strategy 1/3 – Fashion

Social media has made it possible for a single person to connect with millions of people on a daily basis. To share their thoughts, feelings and actions on a visual platform. The more you follow these people the more you trust in their opinions and recommendations. This is what makes influencers so attractive to brands.

Social media has been referred to as “consumer generated media” and a “hybrid of the promotional mix” as brands have the ability to connect with consumers on a more personal level, through this public space, by teaming up with influencers whose following resembles their target market. The fashion industry is a prime example.

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This image shows a variety of social media platforms. Credit: mkhmarketing

With a large social media following people will pay attention to what influencers are doing. This includes the brands they like and what they are wearing which will increase traffic flow to websites and campaigns, broadening a brands reach to people who otherwise would not have taken an interest.

Consumer-to-consumer communication is triggered when influencers share their thoughts. It encourages followers to contribute their personal experience in the comments and interact with each other by sharing details like how they wear their scarf or how long a pair of shoes lasted.

Three different ways Influencers are incorporated:

  • Being sent to events and dressed by the brand
  • Sent free products
  • Involvement in ad campaigns

With a combined following of over 15 million, British YouTube power couple Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman have been actively involved with the fashion industry. They have been dressed for events by brands and given front row seats for runways which they include in their content. Jim has also been dressed by Louis Vuitton and sent to events as exclusive as the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series which he vlogged (video blogged). He openly teams up with brands by making Instagram posts with ‘#ad’ wearing Coach, John Lewis and Ralph Lauren. He has also posted photos wearing gifted items from Bulgari and Givenchy. The couple have also been featured in various fashion mags.

Companies including White Fox Boutique and Miss Holly have also sent YouTubers clothes and accessories for clothing and try-on hauls. They usually provide a discount code for viewers with the YouTuber’s name in it. I think so they can see who is worth investing in? Sometimes they are also paid to make videos featuring their products.

Some argue that Kendall Jenner and Brooklyn Beckham have gotten their opportunities in fashion because of their families though this article claims it is their social media followings that are desirable. Brooklyn was chosen to photograph a Burberry Campaign because of his 8.2 million Instagram followers who appreciate his photography skills. Kendall Jenner’s 63 million Instagram followers have ensured she is selected over veteran models to be the face of runways and major campaigns including Calvin Klein. It’s no secret designers have casted certain models over others purely because of their follower count.

Think about it next time you’re shopping, whether online or in store. Is there a reason you chose to shop with this particular company? Why?




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