Things I recommend you do in Darwin – my adventures

Being in a long distance relationship means travelling is a must. So I just spent 4 days in Darwin and I loved it! We had so much fun taking in what the city had to offer! Here is what we got up to each day and what my highlights and recommendations are.

Take in a breathtaking sunset at least once! Though be quick in taking the snaps because they disappear quickly!

My own photos made into a collage. The bottom right one was edited to saturate the colours. Photos were taken along the waterfront.


My own photos made into a collage. The bottom right one was edited to saturate the colours. Photos taken in the car on the way to dinner one night.

Because I had a red-eye flight my first day consisted of sleeping in, exploring the Casuarina shopping centre and eating yummy food.

Nandos for lunch and a peanut butter chocolate frappe from Max Brenner gave me the energy to walk around the seemingly never ending shopaholics paradise. You could easily spend the entire day walking around with super affordable everyday shopping like Kmart, Valleygirl, Sanity and JB Hi-Fi. To more expensive stores like Pandora and Peter Alexander. There are hairdressers, nail salons, sport and camping stores, tech stores, book shops, a cinema, a Timezone and a 2 story food court plus multiple restaurants outside. The air conditioning is a definite plus.

The sailing club for dinner was amazing and offered another gorgeous sunset.

The second day was a trip to the Darwin Military Museum which I definitely recommend if you are interested in that area as my boyfriend loved it! I thought it was amazing and there is so much to look at! However, I recommend making the trip in the morning or later in the afternoon if you are not used to the hot and humid weather as most of the exhibition is outdoors and it got pretty hot around midday.

For dinner we went to the Noodle House Chinese restaurant which was delicious and I would 100% go again!

This is my own photo of the vegetable noodle soup I got for dinner and the special fried rice my boyfriend got to go with his yummy pork (it hadn’t arrived yet)!

We were pretty full but left room for dessert at Cold Rock where we shared a milo ice cream with brownie and gummy bears… Yes. He wanted gummy bears and yes they went rock solid. Haha.

The third day consisted of going for a morning walk along the waterfront and around the wharf which was beautiful! Then we went to the movies to see Nerve and met up with his friend for dinner at the Taps bar which had amazing chicken parmigiana. We went to Cold Rock again for dessert because it’s just so good. He got white chocolate and brownie and I got peanut butter and brownie which was so delicious!

My fourth and final day I had another red-eye flight so I wasn’t leaving till 1am which gave us time to have a fun filled day. We went to Crocosaurus Cove which we absolutely loved! We spent around 3hours there looking at everything. We went to the reptiles presentation and the crocodile feeding. It was really interesting. My boyfriend loved the opportunity to hold some of the animals and we had a mini photoshoot with a professional photographer with us holding a baby croc where we got some awesome photos!

My own photos made into a collage. My boyfriend loved the opportunity to hold a baby croc and a blue-tongue lizard.

We will definitely be going back and are considering the opportunity to get in the “cage of death” and enter the water with the crocs.

We then went for a quick lunch and headed to the movies to see The Secret Life of Pets which is one of the cutest movies I have ever seen! We had dinner at Grill’d as my boyfriend was craving a burger. He got the Moroccan lamb burger with chips and I got the superpower salad with zucchini chips and herbed mayo. So filling and so yum.

My own photos made into a collage. The bottom right one was edited to saturate the colours. Photos were taken along the waterfront.

It was a tearful goodbye but I am definitely excited to go back towards the end of the year and see what else Darwin has to offer.

Let me know in the comments some places I should visit and eat at next time!


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