12 hacks for saving money on makeup!

Okay, let’s get straight to the point… Makeup can be really expensive, especially if you wear it on a daily basis. So, as requested, here are my hacks to save money on makeup by getting the most out of your products…

1- Make sure lids are always done up tight. Even if you are still using a product at least sit the lid back on top to prevent bacteria from getting in there or drying out the product quicker.

2-When you are running low on foundation and the pump is no longer picking up product tip the bottle upside down and leave it over night. Use it a pour bottle and you will be able to get more applications out of it.
* With foundation in a tube cut off the end and scoop out the leftover product and store it in a clean container.

3- Make your makeup last longer: Store makeup in a temperature controlled environment that’s not too hot or cold. Place silica gel bead packets (there are usually a few chucked in the box when you buy a new pair of shoes or in the pockets of new handbags) in amongst your draws and storage to absorb excess moisture. Do not store makeup in the bathroom! There is too much moisture and constant change of temperature.

These are the silica gel beads that you can find in boxes with new shoes or pockets of new handbags.

4- If you aren’t sure how much product you will need to use when you get a new foundation start with a pea sized amount on the largest area of your face (eg the forehead) and see how far it goes. From there you should be able to estimate the amount needed for the rest of your face instead of tipping out way too much and wasting it.

5- If a mascara does wonders for your lashes then the brush is a good one. When the mascara is empty or dried out then clean the wand with eye makeup remover and keep it. If you buy a mascara with a wand you don’t like use the wand you saved and cleaned. Then you won’t have to toss the mascara.
*The clean wands are also good for if you have clumpy lashes and need to comb through them.

6- If an eyeshadow shatters when you are trying to depot it into a Z Palette (the heartbreak is real) salvage as much as you can and put it into a small container. Crush it up with the end of a makeup brush until it’s a fine powder. It can then be used as a pigment.

My eyeshadows I have crushed. I keep them in bead container towers which I bought from the dollar tree.

7- Find dupes for high ends brands! There are plenty! When you do splurge on high end products you can save them (as long as you use them before they expire) for nights out and special occasions and use your drug store dupes for everyday wear.

8- There are some really expensive makeup brush cleansers but I find a good shampoo does the trick. It’s much cheaper, deep cleans, you only need a small amount and it leaves your brushes soft and fluffy.

9- When you think you have finished a lipstick think again. There is more product inside the bullet which you can scrape out into an empty pan, place in a Z Palette and continue to use.

My Z Palette where I have depotted my lipsticks.

10- Ever bought the wrong foundation shade and had to go back and buy another one that actually matches? Say you bought a shade that is too light, instead of going back and buying your exact match buy a shade that is too dark, then mix the two together to create the perfect match. **Of course take note of the shade you have at home and play around with mixing on the back of your hand in store to make sure you pick the right one – don’t just take a guess and buy any… This way you will be able to use up both foundations and don’t have to throw it out or give it away.

11- Instead of buying multiple lip liners to match all your different lipsticks buy one clear lip liner and use that for every shade.

12- Need to buy more brushes because your bristles are all bent out of shape? Invest in some brush guards! They will do wonders. I use them to reshape brushes after a wash and when I pop them in my makeup bag to travel.

My brush guards that I use for all types of brushes.

Have I missed anything? Comment your favourite hacks down below!


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