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My 3 favourite post workout foods

The time of day I do my work out determines what I eat afterwards. I’ll either have a small snack just to fill the gap, something a bit larger with more substance or a meal. These are my top 3 favourite foods I look forward to eating everyday post workout.

Ever since I tried the date and coconut rolls from the supermarket I haven’t been able to get enough! I absolutely love them. They have the texture of  rumball and are very sweet and satisfying. They are however $7 for about 8 so I have attempted to make my own.. I got shredded coconut, medjool dates and a bit of water in my magic bullet and blended it up before rolling the mixture into balls and tossing it in desiccated coconut. I tend to have 2-3 at a time.

On the left are the date and coconut rolls I get from the supermarket and on the right are the ones I make myself.

As for something a little larger I love playing around with smoothie and nice-cream combinations. Note: nice-cream is “ice-cream” made with frozen bananas; when they are blended they resemble the texture of ice-cream. While this creation is thicker than a smoothie though not quite nice-cream it does leave me scraping the sides for every last bit.

I add 2 frozen bananas, a handful of frozen tropical fruits which is a bag of strawberries, mangoes, pineapple and honeydew pieces, 1/4 fruit juice of your choice, 3/4 water and however much shredded or desiccated coconut I feel like on the day. (The coconut is really good for adding texture). I blend it all together and that’s it. If you wanted you could even top it with some muesli.

My delicious smoothie…

If I’m wanting a meal it’s usually because I did my workout first thing in the morning which means a hearty bowl of oats is what my tummy wants. I get a sachet of big bowl creamy honey oats and place them in a bowl. I put a handful of frozen mixed berries on top, a teaspoon of honey, a few shakes of ground cinnamon, cover it with water and put it in the microwave for about 90 seconds. When it’s done I add a heaped tablespoon of natural Greek yoghurt, stir it in and enjoy! I have recently also started occasionally adding some cacao powder (the amount to add depends on how chocolately you want it) or dedicated coconut.

The oats ready to eat.

Let me know your favourite post workout foods below in the comments!


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