My Top Beauty Hacks 

These hacks are all things I have tried and find have worked for me. That doesn’t mean they will work for everyone. I’m just your average makeup lover, I am not a professional makeup artist.

Mascara Hacks
*You know when you get a new eyeshadow palette or quad from the drugstore and it comes with those disposable triangle foam tipped applicators we usually throw straight in the bin? Yeah, keep those! They are perfect to remove mascara transfer. Once its dry, gently rub over the area. It removes the transfer without removing your base which is an issue I generally have if I use a cotton tip.
*To prevent mascara transfer in the first place make it the absolute last thing you do in your makeup routine, even after setting spray. (Using setting spray with your eyes closed can moisten the mascara causing it to transfer.)
*Place a tissue under bottom lashes before mascara application to prevent transfer to your cheeks.
*To really lengthen those lashes place the mascara wand at the base or your lashes and blink slowly. This with ensure your lashes are covered from root to tip.

Foundation sinking into expression lines?
If your base sinks into expression lines then use a pore filling primer, rub it between your fingertips and really massage into the area. With a relaxed face apply foundation, do not move a muscle and immediately bake the area with translucent powder for a minute or so, to set in place, before wiping away.

Winged liner
If you make an oops with winged liner it can be a nightmare to fix and could potentially ruin your eyeshadow efforts. To avoid this, use a makeup remover wipe to dampen a liner brush. With the brush clean up the mess and then use a liner brush again to conceal the area, set it and try again.

Don’t have an eyeshadow base?
Using a concealer as a primer and setting it with translucent powder is a great way to have a fresh base that will take colour easily and smoothly.

Scared of silicone clogging your pores?
If using a silicone primer use a non silicone one first. Having a non silicone primer underneath prevents the silicone going directly on your skin and risk the clogging of pores. Yes I said silicone a lot. Silicone.

No lipliners to match your lipstick?
If you don’t have a lipliner to match your lipstick colour use a lip brush to trace around the outline of your lips before or after application to clean up the edges.

Sticky liquid lipstick?
Invest in a lip mattifying product to apply prior or use translucent powder after application to set sticky lip products.

Drying lip products
If a lipstick is too matte or too dry then apply a lip balm underneath or a gloss over the top to moisten.

Watery eyes?
If you have trouble keeping colour in the waterline because you have watery eyes then carefully set it with an eyeshadow of a similar colour.


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