Sunshine Coast fashion festival 2016

Being a university student, during the semester a huge chunk of your time is taken up by classes and assignments. Being so focussed on these tasks means I had to put my love of fashion and beauty on the backburner… Though the 2016 Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival definitely reignited my passion for fashion. It was beyond amazing. I volunteered as a dresser/back of house for my second year in a row and I met so many more amazing people and was surrounded by inspiration once again.

Being surrounded by a group of people with the same passions and goals as you is incredible, everyone just gels and gets on so well with each other. We bond over our favourite models, designers and fashion goals. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive of each other despite the fashion world being a competitive one.

The collections were breathtaking as always. The designers showcasing were:


  • Myer
  • Myer Miss Shop


  • Opera
  • Annabelle and Eve
  • Sunflair
  • Indrah
  • OceanZen


  • Augustine
  • Kutcha
  • Coral & Co
  • Indi Stone
  • Megan Cannings
  • Heather Saxon
  • Reval Resort
  • Nadz and Sabs
  • Czarina

Ready to Wear

  • Hunt+Kelly
  • Why Mary
  • Alison Dominy
  • Flora Fashion
  • Don’t Do Pretty
  • Nicola Finetti


  • LIVIN’

Evening/ Special Occasion/ Couture

  • Secrets Shhh
  • VaVa Voom Corestry
  • Julian Napier
  • Nadz and Sabs
  • Rivivi6269

I can’t wait to do it all again for the third time this year!

Check out my blog post from my first year volunteering here.

Comment down below your experiences either attending or being a part of a fashion show; I’d love to hear it!



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