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Does social media count as cardio?

Marketing through social media influencers 3/3 – Health & Fitness Do you like eating healthy foods? Do you like being active whether it’s playing sport, taking the dog for a walk or lifting weights at the gym? If yes, then you have probably noticed the health and fitness industry’s prominence in everyday life. From TV ads… Continue reading Does social media count as cardio?


Things I recommend you do in Darwin – my adventures

Being in a long distance relationship means travelling is a must. So I just spent 4 days in Darwin and I loved it! We had so much fun taking in what the city had to offer! Here is what we got up to each day and what my highlights and recommendations are. Take in a breathtaking sunset… Continue reading Things I recommend you do in Darwin – my adventures


Our first published work!

Hey Guys! Linked at the bottom of the page is my first published journalism piece I completed in collaboration with my friend Caitlin Zerafa! We teamed up for an assessment piece back in June and were lucky enough to interview Commonwealth Games gold-medallist Taylor McKeown before she flew to Rio for her Olympic debut. We were also able to interview her coach… Continue reading Our first published work!