My Top Beauty Hacks 

These hacks are all things I have tried and find have worked for me. That doesn't mean they will work for everyone. I'm just your average makeup lover, I am not a professional makeup artist. Mascara Hacks *You know when you get a new eyeshadow palette or quad from the drugstore and it comes with those … Continue reading My Top Beauty Hacks 


12 hacks for saving money on makeup!

Okay, let's get straight to the point... Makeup can be really expensive, especially if you wear it on a daily basis. So, as requested, here are my hacks to save money on makeup by getting the most out of your products... 1- Make sure lids are always done up tight. Even if you are still using a … Continue reading 12 hacks for saving money on makeup!

Is social media really on fleek?

Marketing through social media influencers 2/3 - Beauty Are the words contour, strobing, cut-crease, on fleek, and falsies part of your vocabulary? Does your idea of baking involve a beauty blender and translucent powder? If yes, it’s fair to assume you actively watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. Therefore, you have been exposed to one of the … Continue reading Is social media really on fleek?