This is my blog.

I have attempted regular blogging many times before, but usually fall off the bandwagon. This time I have done a complete revamp of this site and am determined post more often! I have kept all of my favourite/ most useful posts even though some are from a while ago…

I have three pages on fromblandtobeautiful.

FASHION: When I was eight-years-old I watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model with my oldest sister and fell in love with fashion. I always new I wanted to be a part of the fashion industry in some way and part of why I created this blog was to be able to write about all things fashion here.

BEAUTY:┬áThis page is where you will find all of my posts on makeup and skincare. Whenever I’m feeling stressed or I just need some time out to myself, I do my makeup. It’s just a fun, relaxing and creative process I enjoy that allows me to escape for a little while. This page is where you can find some of my favourite products and tips & tricks. Of course with your face being the canvas in this form of art you need to look after it. Here I also share all my skincare faves.

LIFESTYLE: I didn’t really know what to call this page at first and to be honest it will probably be the one with the least amount of content (or maybe not?) as my life isn’t all that exciting right now. Here is where you will find posts about me and my life, fitness, cooking and more.